• The nominated Pharaonic Water Station, affiliated with the company’s branch in Ashmoun, received the T.S.M. Sustainable Technical Management Certificate for the third time, as part of the company’s performance development plan within the framework of the directives of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, and in implementation of the company’s operation and maintenance sector action plan.
  • Dr. Engineer, Mohamed Naguib Saleh, President of the Menoufia Water and Wastewater Company, indicated that obtaining this certificate for the nominated Pharaonic Water Station came after a comprehensive and precise review of all standards for the optimal operation of the stations, following standard operating instructions for all stages of operation, and the availability of monthly performance indicators, in addition to standards. Monitoring and quality control to improve the level of services provided to citizens.
  • He stated that obtaining the TSM technical sustainable development certificate for drinking water and wastewater stations is considered one of the most important indicators of the efficiency of the stations and ensuring the sustainability and continuity of service provision in the required manner after ensuring that all requirements for technical sustainable management (TSM) are met.
  • Naguib stressed that the company has a plan to develop the system of management and operation of water and wastewater plants and obtain certificates of accreditation and quality in the management and operation of drinking water and wastewater plants. The coming period will also witness the entry of a number of drinking water and wastewater plants into the company to obtain the Sustainable Technical Management Certificate. Which contributes to preserving the assets of the drinking water and sanitation sector and the investments being pumped into this vital facility.
  • He thanked all the employees of the company's sustainable technical management system, appreciating their continuous efforts and the efforts of the employees of the nominated Pharaonic Water Station in order to improve the efficiency of work within the station.