• The Menoufia Water and Sanitation Company continued to prepare for the rainy and torrential season, based on warnings from the Meteorological Authority.
  • Dr. Engineer Mohamed Naguib Saleh, head of the Menoufia Water and Sanitation Company, directed that the state of emergency be lifted in all the company’s branches to confront the possible wave of torrential rains and to ensure the readiness of sewage networks and stations, and the continued positioning of suction vehicles in places exposed to water accumulations so as not to affect the regularity of movement. Traffic.
  • The heads of the branches called for the necessity of field presence and maximum readiness in anticipation of confronting the possible rains, pointing to the provision of ready equipment to pump water and disinfect all areas at the governorate level to prepare to face the rainy season in full coordination with the governorate’s operations room and the electricity company.