• For the second day in a row Dr. Engineer Mohamed Naguib Saleh, Chairman of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in Menoufia, inspected the progress of the electoral process at the company’s branch in Ashmoun, stressing that participation in the electoral process is a continuation of the democratic path that our dear Egypt is experiencing.
  • Najib called on employees in all branches of the company to participate positively by casting their votes in the presidential elections, stressing that participating in the elections is a national duty for everyone who has the right to vote, and part of their societal responsibilities.
  • He stressed the continuation of the operations room to facilitate electoral procedures for workers by inspecting electoral committees and providing mobile water vehicles near the headquarters of electoral committees.
  • In addition to this, the activities of the second day of the elections continued in all the company’s branches to follow up on the progress of the electoral process and ensure that individuals arrive at the headquarters of their electoral committees, as well as to continuously monitor the maintenance teams located near the electoral committees to avoid malfunctions that cause water shutoffs in the committees.